Bridge 382

SK 5749 0247 - Height 17'6", Span 25'9"

Bridge 382 was a three span brick arch bridge which carries the end of Evesham Road over the line. It is used as an exit from the Faircharms trading estate and an entrance to Riverside ParkThe cutting that the bridge crossed has now been completely infilled and only the parapets of the bridge are visible above ground level. The parapets are in reasonable condition although they have suffered at the western end where the Great Central Way footpath crosses over the bridge. The bridge itself is quite wide and the southern side of it now provides parking for people using the Great Central Way and the park. To the north, the line runs in a cutting (now infilled) to Bridge 381. To the south it runs in a shallow cutting to the now demolished Bridge 383.

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Bridge 382 looking east. Bridge 383