Bridge 381

SK 5752 0257 - Height 14'7", Straight Span 26'1", Skew Span 26'2"

Bridge 381 is a single span iron girder bridge which carries Evelyn Drive over the line. The bridge and the cutting either side of it are completely infilled with only the brick parapets visible. The visible brickwork is in very good condition and, in common with several other structures on this stretch of the line, is laid with alternate courses in contrasting shades of brick. Immediately to the east is the Faircharm industrial estate. To the west Evelyn Drive runs to the Narborough Road.

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Bridge 381 Looking North, 2002 Bridge 381 Looking North, 1890's Bridge 384 Looking East, 2002 Bridge  Looking West 2002 Bridge 381 Looking South , 2002