Looking south under Bridge 378. Immediately ahead is the 140' wide Span 4. The two lines in the foreground originall formed part of seven which passed under this span. One more track ran to the under the centre section to the left of these two, with a further two under the left section. All five of these sidings stopped at this point, just south of the River Soar. Another two tracks ran through the right hand section, across Bridge 376 over the River Soar and into the goods yard. Quite recently, a number of ballast wagons stored on the chord off of the Leicester Burton line - some quarter of a mile south from here - had their handbrakes released by vandals. They ran down to this point under gravity and during their subsequent recovery one was derailed at the end of the right hand line when the rail built buffer stop detached from the rails. This wagon was left here until very recently and seems to have been recovered by road - along with the buffer stops! A picture of this wagon (possibly the last to run over GC metals in Leicester) can be seen here.

Bridge 378 Looking North