Bridge 412

SP 5584 9139 - Height 15'10", Straight Span 20'0", Skew Span 21'7"

Bridge 413 was a single span iron girder bridge which carried the line over Holt Lane. The bridge has been partially demolished with the steel deck removed. However the brick abutments survive in good condition. The formation runs south from here towards Ashby Magna station on an embankment which is largely complete although it has been diminished in places to allow access to, judging from the tyre marks, quad bikes. The embankment sides are heavily overgrown but a narrow path meanders along the top of the embankment until just north of the station overbridge. Building materials and farm paraphenalia are stored at intervals along this track, but they are rapidly being overgrown. The track leaves the embankment a hundred feet or so before Bridge 413 and turns into Station Farm. The embankment from here until the bridge has been pushed up and out forming a large mound which blocks the line but clears a space beyond for a garden which has been created on the formation. Bridge 413 has been backfilled on both sides.

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Bridge 412 looking south Bridge 412 during construction of the line. Bridge 412 looking east Bridge 412 looking west Bridge 412 south abutment