Bridge 410

SP 5597 9222 - Height 17'0", Span 25'8"

Bridge 410 was a three arch brick built bridge which carried an occupation road over the line. The bridge has now been completely demolished. When visited in February 2002 the voids in the cutting walls where the bridge used to be could be seen, as could a quantity of the staffordshire blue brindle bricks it was built from. However, when revisited in June 2002 the area had been largely covered as part of the landfill in operation here. The only remaining indication is a gate in the post and rail fence that used to run along the top of the western cutting wall. The lack of an equivalent bridge over the M1 motorway which runs parallel immediately to the east suggests that Bridge 410 went out of use before the 1960's. A couple of hundred feet further south of Bridge 410, the landfill peters out and the ground slopes back down to track level. The trackbed south of here until Bridge 412 is heavily overgrown.

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Bridge 410 looking south. Bridge 410 looking west. Bridge 410 - detail of gate.