Bridge 409

SP 5596 9254 - Height 14'5", Straight Span 26'0", Skew Span 31'6"

Bridge 409 is a single span concrete decked bridge, which carries Cosby Lane over the line. The concrete deck is a relatively recent replacement for the original iron girder superstructure. It was obviously replaced pre-1969 as there are the remnants of two smoke deflectors fitted to the underside. Immediately to the north of the bridge, the SITA landfill tapers out and the trackbed reappears. However, once south of the bridge another landfill begins to appear. This does not seem to be on the same scale as the SITA site, and may be a private undertaking. When first visited in the Spring of 2002, the cutting to the south was largely empty, indeed some of the sides had been cut back, and there was a large pile of horse manure and straw under the bridge. When revisited in the Summer of 2002 the manure had been cleared but a reasonably large quantity of rubble and spoil had been dumped in the cutting to the south. This smaller landfill continues south until the site of Bridge 410.

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Bridge 409 looking north, summer 2002. Looking North in the 1890's Bridge 409 looking south, summer 2002 Bridge 409 looking north, spring 2002.Looking north from Bridge 409 Looking south from Bridge 409