Bridge 400

SP 5530 9699 - Height 20'10", Straight Span 26'1", Skew Span 28'4"

Bridge 400 was a large single arch brick bridge carrying the line over Warwick Road. The embankment was very high and very wide in this area hence the size of the bridge. It has now been almost entirely demolished with only the truncated remains of the abutments remaining to a height of approx 8 feet. To the south west of this bridge the formation passes through the GEC Alstrom works (previously English Electric). The formation from here until the M1 motorway crossing is owned by GEC. It is extremely overgrown and there are many relics of the railway littering the embankment sides. There is a sturdy fence on the embankment immediately south of Bridge 400, but the fence at the other end (immediately north of the M1 crossing) is a much flimsier affair and has largely disappeared - it's a long way down !

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Bridge 400 looking east. Bridge 400 looking east in the 1890's Bridge 400 looking west. Bridge 400 looking north. Looking north from Bridge 400