Bridge 396

SP 5573 9810 - Height 16'0", Straight Span 52'6", Skew Span 67'6"

Bridge 396 is a large iron girder bridge which carries the line over the London and North Western Railway's line from Nuneaton to Leicester. The bridge is still intact and in generally good order although the ironwork is beginning to slowly corrode. In common with many of the structures around here the bridge has received the attention of the local grafitti 'artists' - strangely they seem to have included the bridge number '396' in their grafitti in several places around the structure ! The embankment to the south between here and Bridge 397 has been removed and the space used for commercial buildings. The south end of the bridge is fenced off with corrugated metal where the embankment is missing. To the north the embankment continues until the River Sence Viaduct.

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Looking east towards Bridge 396 Looking north from Bridge 396 Looking south from Bridge 396 Looking south towards Bridge