Bridge 395 - River Sence Viaduct

SP 5589 9850 to SP 5582 9831 - 13 Spans, each Height 23'0", Span 29'9"

Bridge 395 is a blue brick viaduct which carries the line over the River Sence flood plain. It consists of thirteen brick arches and is approximately 8 chains long. The River Sence at this point is little more than a stream, but when there is heavy rainfall in the area the entire field below the viaduct can flood. The viaduct is intact and, apart from a small amount of damage to the western parapet wall where some of the bricks and coping stones have been pushed into the river below, is in very good condition. Externally the viaduct appears little different to when it was built but the inside faces have been heavily grafittied and a small car has been burnt out at the southern end ! The viaduct seems to be used for recreational walking by local people. A strudy fence has been erected at the southern end but the gate has been bent back on it's (substantial) hinges at some point. To the south the line crosses over the L&NWR Nuneaton - Leicester line and to the north it crosses the Grand Union canal.

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Looking east towards Bridge 395 Looking west at Bridge 395 Looking north along the viaduct. Looking south along the viaduct. Detail of damage to parapet wall.