Bridge 393

SP 5594 9858 - Height 13'2", Straight Span 30'6", Skew Span 34'3"

Bridge 393 is an iron girder bridge crossing the Grand Union Canal. The ironwork has all been removed, but both abutments remain in reasonable condition. Some bricks from the bridge appear to have been reused in a repair to an old brick arch bridge crossing the canal immediately to the west. To the south, after crossing an occupation road, the line runs onto the River Sence Viaduct. To the north the line runs past the site of Whetstone Clay Pits which is now being redeveloped. The line between Bridge 393 and Bridge 392 ran in a shallow cutting which has now been infilled. The resulting land is now part of a field used for grazing cattle - the only visible remains of the railway are the post and rail fencing which ran along the top of the cutting.

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Looking north across Bridge 393 Looking south across Bridge 393 Looking west at Bridge 393