Bridge 384

SK 5719 0168 - 4 Spans each of Height 17'2", Straight Span 35'10", Skew Span 41'6"

Bridge 384 is a 4 span brick arch viaduct which carries the line over the River Biam flood plain. The structure is in reasonable condition although, unsurprisingly given its city location, many of the coping stones have been cast down to the ground below and the grafitti artists have been their usual industrious selves. At some relatively recent time repairs have been made to the parapets - indeed for half of its length the western parapet is actually higher than originally built. Many of the coping stones can be seen embedded in the soft ground below the viaduct. The River Biam is currently little more than a stream flowing beneath the two northernmost spans although it would appear to flood quite regularly as the ground below is very muddy. It is impossible to view the structure in its entirity as it is heavily overgrown.

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Bridge 384 Looking North Bridge 384 during construction. Bridge 384 Looking North Closeup of brickwork.