Bridge 379

SK 5768 0293 - 2 Spans, each of Height 14'7", Straight Span 26', Skew Span 27'5½"

Bridge 379 is a two span brick and iron girder bridge. It carries the ex Midland Railway line from Leicester to Burton (now singled and freight only) over the Great Central. The eastern span went over the main lines, with the western span going over the goods loops. The bridge is still extant and, with an operational railway still running across it, is in reasonable condition. During the 1950's, British Railways were compelled to replace the deck of the span over the running lines, as sixty years of exhaust from hard working locos had eaten away at the metal. the decking over the goods loop is still the original Great Central structure. The Great Central Way dips down at this point to rejoin the original formation level. Provision seems to have been made in this bridge for the Midland Railway to run four tracks over the line, although this option was never taken up.

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Bridge 379 Looking North, 2002 Bridge 379 Looking North, 1890's Bridge 379 Looking South, 2002 Bridge 379, Goods Loop Looking South, 2002 Bridge 379 Looking East, 2002 Bridge 379 Looking West, 2002 Bridge 379 Bridge Number, 2002